Gravel Agency is a Manufacturers Representative Agency and Distributor. It was founded in 1989 by Michel Gravel and his brother Gaston Gravel. The agency represents and distributes products for the biggest companies in the industry of hunting, shooting sports, outdoor sporting, military and law enforcement organizations.

For over 30 years, Gravel Agency’s reputation has spread from coast to coast for being professional, efficient and enjoyable to do business with. Gravel Agency has built the largest network of Canadian retailers and distributors in the industry. Having direct access to this network is the best way to be successful and maximize profits in Canada for both the retailer and the supplier.

Gravel Agency aims to conquer the Canadian market and will take care of everything to ensure that the products they represent are on every shelf!


1977:    Michel Gravel opened his first store in Thetford-Mines.
1981:    Michel opened a second store in Montreal with the Miron brothers.
1984:    Michel and his brother, Gaston, opened Pavillon Chasse et Pêche of Chicoutimi as a store & distributor.
1986:    “The “Pavillon” was sold to Sumner Sport and went on to become the largest Hunting & Fishing Distributor in Canada.
1989:    Michel & Gaston started a new venture in Sales Representation and named their company Gravel Agency.
1994:    Gaston moved to the United States of America to take on a new challenge as European Sales Director with Remington. He went on to finish his career with Remington as Vice President of International Sales.
1995:    Michel’s son, Martin, joined the team full time after completing his bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Université de Trois Rivières.
2003:    Martin became the sole owner of Gravel Agency. In the same year, he added the LE Division to the company.
2005:    A Warranty & Service division was created.
2006:    Gravel Media was formed within the agency and “Le Camp” came to life (IT, Web, Video, TV, etc).
2014:    Gravel built a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility in Québec City; equipped with a complete gunsmithing workshop.
2016:    Martin promoted three exemplary employees to Vice President positions:
              Dan Delisle: Vice President Operations
              Hugo Laliberté: Sr. Vice President Sales, Marketing, Business Development
              Pascal Vezina: Vice President, Finances

Present Time: 

Martin Gravel remains the President and Gravel Agency is now Canada’s largest Sales Agency in the industry. It is the one-stop-shop for the biggest names in the business. Gravel Agency represents them, distributes their products, manages their warranty programs, creates their Canadian ad campaigns, and much more.