Gravel Agency is now an Official Distributor for Savage Arms in Canada

Québec City, Québec – Gravel Agency is pleased to announce that they can now add Savage Arms to the list of many prominent companies they distribute in Canada. Based in Quebec City, the Gravel team added Vista Outdoors to their portfolio last year and given the success, it was a natural path for Savage Arms to follow.

“We are excited in the new partnership and look forward to starting the booking year with a Savage bang,” said Hugo Laliberté, Sr. Vice President Sales, Marketing, Business Development for Gravel Agency. “This year, our main focus will be on the hunting industry. Distributing Savage Arms improves our efforts to ease the booking season for dealers and become their one-stop shop.”

About the Gravel Agency

Gravel Agency is a manufacturers’ sales agency and distributor for some of the biggest companies in the shooting sports industry. Headquartered in Québec City, Gravel has deep industry experience, an unparalleled team of specialists, and a service level unmatched in our industry.

About Savage Arms

Our company's founders didn't mess around, and their spirit of American, get-it done ingenuity has always been Savage Arms' driving force. All of our category-changing innovations have come from just such a place of principle. We're constantly looking ahead, finding new ways to leverage technology to push performance ever higher.

But we're not just a bunch of lab geeks, either. We're shooters. Hunters. Competitors. We know what makes or breaks a firearm's performance out there in the real world. And throughout the years, we've spent time listening to the best competitive shooters, sharing campfires with hunters and guides, and comparing notes with gun writers. That collaboration, that hands-on experience, has fueled the development of features and processes unlike any ever seen in gun manufacturing.

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